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Lockyer Electronics Ltd has been providing innovative solutions, repairs and maintenance for emergency services throughout New Zealand since it was established in Napier in 1989.

In addition to specialising in the design and development of various electrical/electronic equipment, Lockyer Electronics Ltd has developed a high degree of understanding and expertise in emergency services and has developed a close relationship with the New Zealand Fire Service and other emergency services.

Lockyer Electronics Ltd is a relatively small but innovative, responsive and successful Napier-based business, having a strong focus on quality and integrity.

Lockyer Electronics Ltd principal, Robert Lockyer, is a registered electrician and has more than thirty years experience in the electronic industry.

Our Mission Statement is "To provide customers with what they want".

Lockyer Electronics Ltd is also a Motorola Radio Authorised Reseller and a Hills SVL dealer for high quality commercial audio products.

About Us

Lockyer Electronics was formed by Robert Lockyer to continue the trends started by him in servicing the special needs of emergency services

Started in 1989 Lockyer Electronics (Partnership) was formed and was primarily involved in servicing industrial electronic equipment and commutations systems.

A close relationship has been developed over the past years between Lockyer Electronics and the New Zealand Fire service and other emergency services resulting in the design and development of a range of products for Fire and Ambulance Stations.

The Growth of Lockyer Electronics has been with a focus on meeting clients’ needs and quality.

In 2009 the company Lockyer Electronics Ltd was established incorporating all the assets and skills of Lockyer Electronics.


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